Chipper & Lively for Cerner Corporation

Just finished a fun job for Cerner Corporation – they work on the systemic improvement of health care delivery – basically trying to bring hospitals and doctors into the 21st century – and to help us normal folks not have to fill out the same old paperwork time after time!

Anyway, Cerner wanted an entertaining character to energize their employee healthcare program, and they wanted to use a cricket picture they had seen. I suggested creating an original character that they could own and manipulate for their own use. And thus, “Chipper” and “Lively” were born. I came up with their names, as well as the illustration in a couple of different poses to reflect Cerner’s themes of healthy eating and exercise, which leads to a more energetic life.

These two are being used as cardboard stand-ups, buttons and stickers to promote employee health fairs and will be the internal ‘mascot’ for the foreseeable future.